Saving Custom Maps with My Maps

Introducing My Maps

My Maps is a new feature on MapQuest that lets you save maps, directions, and collections of locations.

To give you an example of how it works, we've created a trip from a Bed and Breakfast in Estes Park, Colorado up to Grand Lake that goes through Rocky Mountain National Park.

The best way to use My Maps to save maps and share them with your friends is to sign in.

My Maps

Next, let's get the directions in MapQuest:

To save the trip, click the pin icon 'Save to My Maps' next to where you see the length and time of the trip.  MapQuest will let you pin the trip to either a new map or an existing saved map if you have one already saved.

Save to My Maps

Give your new map a name and a description and click save.

Setting the title and description

Now our trip is saved with a custom title and description.

Saved trip

Once you've saved the trip into My Maps, you can retrieve any time you log in to in the future.

My Maps

You can also share your saved trip with your friends or post it to Twitter or Facebook.

Send and Share My Maps

Go ahead and try it!

Plan your next road trip, save all your favorite pizza joints in town and share them with your friends, or create a map of all the soccer fields where your youth team will be playing and send the map to all the parents.  How you use it is up to your imagination.

Enjoy the Quest!